Public Relations and Marketing Committee

General Purpose:

To promote professional midwifery care as the norm in the community by increasing awareness of the varied roles CNM’s currently fill in their respective communities in Virginia. Our goal is to educate the public, legislators, hospital administrators, healthcare providers, insurance payers, consumer groups, and other midwifery groups as to how CNM’s are currently serving the community, access to care issue, and how we can collaborate to create a vision of working together to serve women and families in the future.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Public Relations:
    • Our Moment of Truth (OMOT) Campaign- utilize resources provided by OMOT to educate and market to the public and healthcare providers.
    • Press Releases- active in notifying the public of events, issues related to the profession.
    • Advertising- promoting public awareness of professionally related events
  • Provide knowledgeable spokespersons that can address issues in the community on behalf of the Virginia Affiliate of ACNM, as approved by the board.
  • Marketing:
    • Develop and utilize the Affiliate Website as a promotional and educational tool.
    • Assist board and membership to utilize the website and social media to promote midwifery in Virginia.

Composition/ Members and Tenure of Appointment:

Chair: OPEN


The Public Relations/Marketing Committee will meet: Quarterly or more often, as required.

Specific Annual Objective/Activities/Milestone Dates:

  • Develop a website with Officite to be utilized for public relations, marketing, and internal communications within Affiliate membership
  • Develop and implement PR/Marketing strategy, coordinate with Affiliate Leaders to create job descriptions that can execute specific functions of the strategy with consumer groups, public office holders, healthcare administrators/providers/organizations, and insurance payers.
  • Manage ongoing updates of website and oversee permissions for editing/posting to website.
  • Ensure event calendar is utilized and updated.
  • Support Regional Chairs in their efforts to promote midwifery in their region.
    • Assist members to access marketing tools, which includes access to a convention booth tablecloth and tri fold board.

Online and written, radio, and television media presentation:

  • See Appedix A in the ACNM Affiliate Leader Guide for additional guidance.
  • Printed media:
    • Submit in draft form to the Board of Officers/Affiliate leadership prior to final submission to outside media source.
  • Interviews (radio/in person/print),
    • Follow the guidelines in Appendix A of the ACNM Affiliate Leader Guide.

Website administration:

  • Administration privileges will belong to:
    • VA Affiliate ACNM Board
    • Public Relations/Marketing Chair
    • Regional Chairs
  • Secretary and Public Relations/Marketing will provide content and give guidance to the webmaster regarding utilization of online media
  • Anyone with website administration privileges will be responsible for the following:
    • Updating, adding, removing content in their area of responsibility either by posting themselves or by sending a request to the website developer.
    • Notifying web developer of broken links and images, adding page animations, search engine optimization, new pictures, fresh content, new events and event registration, and product updates among others.
    • If the Affiliate desires to make changes to the website, it is the expectation that the identified party will implement those required changes. A deadline will be decided at the time of update request.
    • Work with Officite development team for assistance.

Social Media/Facebook:

  • Administrators will be the Secretary, Public Relations/Marketing, and the Regional Chairs. Roles and responsibilities include:
    • Allow/deny friend requests
    • Ensure content/comments is professional, relevant to the mission of ACNM, and upholds the standards of professionalism as put forth by ACNM
    • Establishes collaborative relationships with other groups through “Liking” groups/sites/individual Facebook pages, posting banners, sharing posts that are in alignment with the standards of professionalism as put forth by ACNM
    • Manage event calendar, ensures/delegates individuals to post on a weekly basis in order to keep information fresh and engaged with current events.