Membership Committee

General Purpose:

Increase membership in the affiliate throughout the state and facilitate timely communication about events and issues among members through a variety of media.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Support Public Relations/Marketing efforts in the provision and use of a valuable, dynamic, and well-used Affiliate Website.
  2. Support the secretary: Keeping membership updated on Affiliate news
  3. Publish a regular newsletter for members.
  4. Increase and support student involvement (including award banquet/social events).
  5. Recruit candidates for office in the Affiliate.

Composition/ Members and Tenure of Appointment:

Chair: OPEN


The Membership Committee will meet: Quarterly or more often, as required.

Specific Annual Objective/Activities/Milestone Dates:

  1. Partner with SNM Liaisons to increase SNM membership through Shenandoah University and Frontier Nursing University.
  2. Hold Student Banquet and reach out to preceptors.
  3. Create a workflow for Secretary and Membership Committee duties (agenda, reminder, announcements for meetings, etc.)
  4. Increase membership in ACNM and affiliate by 10% by end of 2016.
  5. Create and disseminate Board Packet, welcome letters.
  6. Collaborate with ACNM National membership Committee.
  7. Coordinate with Regional Chair representatives for continued member outreach and event planning.