Legislative and Advocacy Committee

General Purpose:

The purpose of the legislative committee is to stay connected with current regulatory and legislative activity to impacts the ability of midwives to provide care to the public and impacts relationships with payers, hospitals, consumer groups, and the public. The legislative committee will act as a liaison between ACNM national legislative initiatives and communicate with the Affiliate on pertinent issues.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Stay informed through various channels about midwifery/healthcare legislation locally and nationally.
  2. Compile pertinent information to share with members at affiliate meetings.
  3. Advocate for pro-midwifery legislation in keeping with the affiliate’s position statements on licensure.
  4. Notify affiliate members about lobbying opportunities.

Composition/ Members and Tenure of Appointment:

Chair: Nichole Wardlaw, CNM

The Legislative Committee will meet: Quarterly or more often, as required.

Specific Annual Objective/Activities/Milestone Dates:

  1. Conduct groundwork for proposing bill related to practice authority
  2. Work with lobbyist on ongoing legislative issues
  3. Coordinate Lobby Days and Legislative Events