Postcard Instructions

Now available a VA CNM postcard for your legislator!  Attached you'll find a PDF copy of the newly created VA CNM postcard for your review.  The artist who created the postcard has given us rights to reproduce and modify as needed.  The program used to create the postcard is   This program, much like Word/PowerPoint/and Photoshop, gives us all the ability to edit the postcard prior to printing to reflect our location (heart on the VA map), district, and addresses.

 It is in electronic format-making it possible for you to move the red heart to Richmond location and replacing "Rockingham County" with "Richmond City" to fit your location.  Further you may type in your practice name and your legislator information-all prior to printing.  canva has printing options-but one can also print through other sources like Staples or Vistaprint...whatever works for your business.  

If you like the card and wish to use it for your business/practice please follow the link: 

The editing program will ask you to register-simple and free.  Registration is required to view and edit the postcard.  

Printing: the program has printing options-roughly 25 cards cost me <$14.00 without shipping.  You may choose other printing options like Staples or Vistaprint if you wish to do so.  All you have to do is download the postcard in and take it to your chosen printing facility. 

I realize this is more "technology involved" than a ready to use postcard.  Yet, I believe this gives us the ability to be more personable with our legislators!  Please don't hesitate to email/call if you are having a hard time with the technology piece.   I am available to help anyone create a postcard to reflect their demographics if you are struggling.  My email is: 

Helpful website to find who your legislator is: