Certified Nurse-Midwife Job Postings

Please email VirginiaACNM@gmail.com to post job openings for your practice.

Virginia Jobs (MidwifeJobs.com) Last Update 5/2/2016

CMG Women’s Center, Lynchburg, VA

Seeking 2 full-time CNMs to join our full-scope, hospital-owned practice. Office in Forest, VA with births attended at Virginia Baptist Hospital. For more information, please email Robin Moon, the Provider Recruiter at robin.moon@centrahealth.com

Fairfax OB-GYN Associates, Fairfax, VA

Seeking an ex­perienced CNM to join a full-scope 24/7 midwifery service. Births are attended at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital. Apply online at midwifejobs.com

The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice, Alex ­andria, VA

Seeking 2 midwives to provide office-only care including prenatal, women’s wellness, and gynecology care. At least 2 years of experience is needed for this full-time po ­sition—less than full time may be available. Care is provided at five offices. Apply online at midwifejobs.com

Augusta Health Care for Women, Fishersville, VA

Has 2 openings for a CNM to join a collaborative midwife-physician practice. Three office days per week with 6 call shifts shared among CNMs. Please Submit CV for considera ­tion. ammcmillan@ahcfw.net

VCU Health, Richmond, VA

Seeking a full-time CNM to join collaborative practice at this academic medical center. At least 2 years experience as a registered nurse is required. Applications can be made online at www.vcuhealth.org/ careers.

Rao Medical Group, Navy Medical Center, Ports ­mouth, VA

Seeking 3 CNMs with at least 2 years of experi ­ence to join a full-scope practice. For more information or questions, please contact Veronica Lane, 301-208-8770.