For Members

Where do my membership fees go?

The Virginia Affiliate of ACNM is funded primarily by member dues.  Additional funds are raised during educational programs such as the Annual Potpourri of Women's Health Topics.  Members can be confident that their dues are being used for the following:

  • Lobbyist fees to support Midwifery legislation in the Commonwealth
  • Continuing Education Programs Sponsored by the Affiliate
  • Supporting Local Midwifery Marketing Efforts
  • Midwives PAC Donation to support Midwifery legislation nationally
  • Co-sponsor Legislative Receptions
  • Co-hosting ACNM Annual Meeting when local

Marketing Grant Request

  • Up to $200 per Region, per year
  • Grant funds are to be utilized to support the mission of the Virginia ACNM Affiliate.  Funds are not to be used to purchase materials that support individual practices and practitioners.  Rather, materials are to in support of midwifery care, in general.
  • Detailed purchase requests must be submitted 30 days in advance with alternative prices to ensure cost effective purchase.
  • Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis, if timely approval is required.
  • Reimbursement paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • Reimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to:
    • Educational materials that can be shared between ACNM Virginia regions (not site-specific), such as re-usable pamphlets, digital media, announcements for individual events
    • Banners, table cloths
    • Monogrammed “giveaways” marked with “ACNM Virginia” or other non-site-specific paraphernalia
    • Enrollment fees for marketing events
    • Light refreshments for sponsored events

Submit request via email to Erin Baird, CNM

  • Please, include your region, estimated cost of supplies, whether you need to borrow the Affiliate's display board, and date of the event. 
  • By submitting your grant request, you are stating that you understand and abide by the intention that grant funds go towards supporting midwifery care, in general, and not individual practices/practitioners.